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Our Mission

There are many variations of kungfu forms…boxing, sword play, but the majority


Our Vision

There are many variations of teaching qualities in Mt. Wudang, but the majority


Our Results

There are many variations of achievements and reward for kungfu study, but the majority

how it works

There are many kungfu schools here in Wudang, but the majority teach the same styles and same forms with a little variations. We try to teach what has been passed down by our ancestors and preserved as those borne by nature after so long time of evolution.


we plan our teaching program

Getting the direction right

A seed can’t grow into a tree unless it starts to germinate. Similarly, even the best startup idea cannot begin to be turned into a tangible fruits unless it is first transformed into something customers have strong interest. The fuel for the transformation is provided by your passion and your dedication…..


we plan our classes

Establishing good foundation

Now that you have some committed course, you have to figure out how to deliver the action reliably, not just a couple of times. Simultaneously, you will need to find enough support and resources.


we plan our studying project

Growing strong

Stage three starts when the value proposition has been confirmed and basic processes are reliably in place to deliver the objective, come to this beautiful mountain school to make your dream come true. The objective of stage three, sweat and persistent hard word, is to make the objective secure by making sure it can consistently demonstrate value under changing  competitive environment.


we plan our work

Staying well-being

Just as a tree will die unless it can replace the branches, leaves and bark that fall off, so will any practitioners that cannot develop deep level of kungfu sense and capture new growth to replace old style  that no longer generate any value.

Traditional Kung Fu and Daoist culture

Being a small school, the school is able to offer traditional Wudang Kung Fu instead of commercial Wushu. Foreign students get the opportunity to be guided by Master Chen Shiyu, as well as other instructors. Learning directly from a highly-knowledged master, you will gain a deep understanding of Wudang Kung Fu and Daoist culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Wudang Kung Fu is a full system of hard work to achieve health cultivation, body control, discipline and self-defense. The meaning of Kung Fu itself describes the hard road in everything to achieve mastery……..read more



Legend has it that the Guqin, the most revered of all Chinese musical instruments, has a history of about 5,000 years. This legend states that the legendary figures of China’s pre-history ???Fuxi, Shennong and Huang Di, the “Yellow Emperor???…………read more



Calligraphy has alot of similarities and the sensibility of Tai Chi. Learning Tai Chi is highly recommend when attending calligraphy classes at Master Chen Shiyu’s school………read more



Wudang Mountains are one of the most famous Daoist holy mountains in China. The palaces and temples on Wudang Mountains were all built into the actual mountain face, adhering to the topography of the land, which dictated the scale of the buildings, the spaces between them and their layout……….read more



Master Chen Shiyu shot many videos for people to appreciate the beauty and elegance of Wudang kungfu. They include Tai Chi, Bagua, Shing-yi, sword play, stick play, horse-tail play……..read more



Many photos were taken for people to enjoy the beauty of Wudang and its natural environment. Also included are photos to present the different training scenes where many students study lots of varied styles of kungfu……..read more

Our long term program:
train excellent kungfu practitioners
and coaches around the world.

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testimonials from our beloved students

I want to thank master Chen Shiyu for his attention and patience he gave me during my studying at his school. He gave us a home feeling to be at the right place. Also he invited us to his family house during the Chinese New Year holidays and we went together to a performance in Ankang. So there was a new chance to see more beautiful places in China and become closer with our master. I will miss the peaceful place surrounded by mountains and clean air when going back home. Also I will miss my dog very much which was a puppy when I arrived here. One more reason to come back again. I think now I found my favorite place in Wudang and will definitely come again to improve my skills