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Price List

Price list for Lessons and Accomodation in Chinese CNY

The prices include:

  • Three meals a day
  • Kung fu and taiji classes
  • Free mandarin class*
  • Free Chinese calligraphy class*
  • Free Daoist musical instrument class including Chinese zither, flute*

*NOTE: classes are free, but does not include martial arts clothes, equipment and weapons, calligraphic and musical equipment. These are available for purchase at the school. Non-martial arts classes depend on availability of teachers.

Our organic food is grown by local farmers in the Huilongguan area. The Kung fu and Taiji classes are very advanced but are also  beginner friendly. You will be taught step-by-step. Master Chen Shiyu and other instructors will provide guidance for everyone.


Single air-conditioned room with separate bathroom:    per month
1 month with luxury room condition 9900 CNY
1 month with standard room condition 9500 CNY
3 months or more, standard room condition 9000 CNY
6 months or more, standard room condition 7000 CNY


Single room with public toilet: per month
1 month 6800 CNY
3 months or more 6000 CNY
6 months or more 5000 CNY


Double air-conditioned room with separate toilet:    per month
1 month 7900 CNY
3 months or more 6000 CNY
6 months or more 5000 CNY


No separate toilet double air-conditioned room:    per month
1 month 6900 CNY
3 months or more 5000 CNY
6 months or more 5000 CNY


Six collective air-conditioned room, no seperate toilet:    per month
1 month 5200 CNY
3 months or more 4800 CNY
6 months or more 4200 CNY


Calligraphy class Free
Traditional Taoist music class Free


Traditional long-term class (traditional room for 4 people):    per year
1 year 47.000 CNY
2 years 44.000 CNY
3 years or more 40.000 CNY

*NOTES: For short-term study less than 10 days (10 days included) the daily cost is CNY 390 per day, food, accommodation and tuition fee included.

Payment by T/T Transfer

Account holder: Chen Xiangwen

Account number: 4671704-0188-010610-0

Bank name:Bank of China

Address: Shiyan branch Wudangshan

Swift Code: BKC HCN BJ 600

*NOTES: We also accept payment via PayPal. For details please contact us.
There is no refund for any fees paid. The school can arrange for classes in the future in lieu of refund. Students are welcome to start trial study for several days (not free) before making a decision for making the payment. 

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