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3 Year Traditional Class Program

Master Chen Shiyu is now accepting enrollments for the first traditional program to take place in the heart of Huilong Guan  “Returning Dragon Temple”  in the Wudang Mountains.

The three year traditional class program was created by Master Chen Shiyu in order to spread Taoist culture and train excellent wudang kung fu practitioners and coaches around the world.

Because of the commercialization and dramatization of Wushu, some Wushu schools solely focus on the external and superficial aspects of training, placing all emphasis on performance. This type of training cannot achieve the original intent and purposes of Wushu; which are knowledge of and proficiency in self-defense, a strong body, cultivation of heart and character, longevity, and spiritual development.


I want to spread Wudang Kung Fu in the traditional meaning, the teachings of the ancient Taoist traditions like: Baji, Xuan wu, the eight Immortals, Liang Yi, Xing Yi and much more are rarely known or even mastered in these days. I want to give people the opportunity to help spread these important things which teach Taoist culture,  the balance of the mind and body, and to spread the internal and external meaning of Wudang Kung Fu. ???Master Chen Shiyu

The way of the Wudang tradition

The beginning of the traditional training will focus on strenghtening the body, basic exercises and proper flexibility training. Only a strong and healthy body can hold a calm and quiet mind for proper concentration and meditation. The internal arts are later explained and Master Chen Shiyu goes very in-depth into the traditional internal Wudang Kung Fu.


Good vegetables can only grow in good soil, so to do the basics of Wudang Kung Fu, which are essential for the students to devote their full attention. Only then can Wudang Kung Fu be further understood and mastered. Like vegetables in good soil, the mastery of one’s hard work will blossom into fruition. As every student gives their full focus, so to will I give them my full focus down their path of Wudang Kung Fu. ???Master Chen Shiyu


The student will live the same way as traditional Chinese students and must integrate toward the customs and culture.

Besides the general traditional class schedule, students of the three year traditional training program are free to choose from the following cultural subjects:

  • Chinese language class
  • Calligraphy class
  • Traditional music class (Guqin or Xiao)

Understanding the language, the way of writing and the ancient traditional music will help the student to further understand the ways of traditional Taoist thinking. Instead of only touching the surface, I want to give my students the opportunity to also understand the deeper meaning of Chinese traditions and Taoist culture like no other school has done before. This will also improve the Tai Ji as well as influence their perception toward Wudang Kung Fu. ???strong>Master Chen Shiyu

Content and qualifications

Master Chen Shiyu leads and teaches the traditional program personally, as he wants a proper acclimation of the full content of Wudang Kung Fu. Students of the traditional program will go off to become representatives of Wudang Taoist kung fu and culture. The training is therefore strict and in accordance to traditional standards.

View the training content here.


The traditional class is not merely a Kung Fu class, it teaches important things for life and will strengthen the personality. Teamwork is as important as the focus on your own improvement. Respect and tolerate your fellow students and be straight forward and disciplined in training. The way of the Taoist is an endless way of improvement, working hard and realizing your path will also help in the way of living. The way of Taoism is the way of life. ???Master Chen Shiyu


The recommend age for traditional program students is between 18 and 28 years. Younger or older students who want to participate are also welcome, but must first write Master Chen Shiyu personally via email. Please use our Contact Us form regarding this matter.

After completing the three year traditional program, the students can become coaches and spread Wudang Kung Fu to their country. During the traditional program, the students will become knowledgeable in every aspect of Wudang Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Liang Yi, Xing Yi, Baji, Ba Xian, Xuan Wu. In addition, every Taoist main weapon will be taught as part of the program with deep internal healing aspects like Nei Gong, Wuji meditation and inner alchemy.

As the way of the Tao cannot be properly guided in words, it must be understood with experience. Teaching our culture and our way of how to do things is a very important part of the traditional class. Speaking, eating, writing and practicing our way will help one to realize and understand the meaning of Wudang Kung Fu on a deeper and different level, which is not accessable by foreigners without a proper master or guide. Like father and mother guide the way of their child, the responsibility can be said is the same for a master and his students. ???Master Chen Shiyu

Program Details and Costs

The traditional program will start at the beginning of september 2015!

Student are also welcome to come before or a little after. However it is recommend to send your application earlier as only 15 people will be accepted. Master Chen Shiyu is focusing on quality over quantity and with a small class he is able to really focus on each individuals???advancement.

The program costs covers the following:

  • Students receive two sets of school uniforms
  • Three meals a day
  • Traditional room (6 people room)
  • Tuition for training and culture subjects
3 Year Traditional Class Program  40.000 CNY per year

For payment installment the first year is CNY 62000, the second year CNY 38000, the third year CNY 20000

Method for making T/T Transfer

Account holder: Chen Xiangwen

Account number: 4671704-0188-010610-0

Bank name:Bank of China

Address: Shiyan branch Wudangshan

Swift Code: BKC HCN BJ 600

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