Foreign Students and Their Stay in Wudang

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Every year we receive many foreign students who come to Wudang to understanding kungfu and Taoist culture

Our main focu during our stay in Wudang was to learn one Taiji sword form/ stick form and Taiji hand form. We had heard and read about Master Chen Shiyu years ago, so when we hadthe opportunity to have Master Chen as a Kungfu and Taiji teacher we were more than happy. The biginning of [...]
Oksana's Experience I want to thank master Chen Shiyu for his attention and patience he gave me during my studying at his school. He gave us a home feeling to be at the right place. Also he invited us to his family house during the  Chinese New Year holidays and we went together to a [...]
When I was younger, I studdied Zen meditation in Japan. Than I went to travelling through theworld. My Zen Master says Taiji is moving meditation, so I wanted to experience it. I think the Tao knows ???how to go??? and so I have no choice, but to follow it. For now it took me to Wudangshan.