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We are proud to be located in the heart of the Wudang Mountains, at Huilongguan (Returning Dragon) Temple. Huilongguan is the first temple after passing the entrance to the National Park of Wudangshan. Our school is easily accessible by a frequent bus service that starts from the entrance of Wudang Mountains. This makes sight seeing of the many famous temples easy and shopping in the town center convenient.


Getting Here

You can take a train to Wudangshan train station (武当山火车站), and take public bus no. 202 to the end of the line, Wudangshan scenic area entrance. The school offers free pick up only from entrance of the Wudangshan scenic area, at the foot hill.

Alternatively you can fly to Shiyan airport, or take a train to Shiyan. There are more transport options to Shiyan. Note that Shiyan is located around 55 kilometres from Wudangshan, and transport cost upwards of RMB 250 to the school. Please call or email to confirm your time of arrival and the cost of transport.

All visitors to Wudangshan scenic area will need to pay the entrance ticket costing RMB 240 with validity of 3 days. When you study at our school, we will arrange for a special permit to extend the validity of the ticket to 3 months, for an additional RMB 50.



Should you be training here for a longer period of time, the school will provide the necessary supporting documents and help you to extend your visa. Visa for martial arts training is valid for 3 months and extensible for up to 12 months. For multi-year stay, you will need to exit and re-enter the country every 12 months.


Traditional Kung Fu and Daoist culture

Being a small school, the school is able to offer traditional Wudang Kung Fu instead of commercial Wushu. Foreign students get the opportunity to be guided by Master Chen Shiyu, as well as other instructors. Learning directly from a highly-knowledged master, you will gain a deep understanding of Wudang Kung Fu and Daoist culture.


Training Environment

The Feng Shui of the school and training ground has been carefully planned. The training ground is encircled by the mountains and a beautiful bamboo forest. Surrounded by nature, the atmosphere is peaceful and quiet, benefiting Daoist Gongfu (Taoist Kungfu)

The school also makes use of traditional training equipment such as wooden post training, traditional weight training and conditioning equipment.

Accommodation and Meals

Accommodation is comfortable with hot water facilities, a small shop and three meals a day prepared by the school cook. In keeping with Daoist philosophies, the food is primarily vegetarian, with some meat to balance your diet for the training.

Wifi Internet is available, so you can carry on with your existing work or communicate with those back home in your spare time. Note that some international websites are not accessible in China (Facebook, Google/Gmail, your bank’s website), so you are advised to have VPN connection prior to arriving in China.

The following items are provided by the school

  • a clean room
  • electricity and hot water in the bathroom
  • mattress
  • blanket
  • pillows

You will need to bring your own toiletries and household items. The following are not provided by the school, but available for purchase at the school’s grocery store

  • martial arts uniform, socks and shoes
  • shampoo
  • soap
  • toweltoothbrush and toothpaste
  • pail and basin
  • mineral water, instant noodle and snacks
  • calligraphy and musical equipment

The following are optional paid services

  • laundry services
  • room cleaning services
  • special cooking requests
School Environment

Support our traditional school and feel free to pin and share our pictures with your friends.

We are surrounded by mountains and the school is located in a small village. The vegetables we eat come from the fields around the school. The school is an hour’s walk from town, with some steep sections. Alternatively you can pay for the tourist bus.

Huilongguan is also called the “Returning Dragon Temple???and is an ancient temple with a long history. Here you can experience calligraphy, traditional Daoist music, Taiji (Tai Chi), Kung Fu, Liangyi Qigong.

There are  green tea farms and ancient Daoist temples located near to the school.

Teaching Content
Basical Skills
1.36 kicking skills
2.Basic hand and foot skills
3.Basic fist
1.Wudang Hard Qigong (also Tietong Gong)
2.Wudang Tongzi Gong
3.Wudang Daoyin Qigong
4.Wudang 5 animals Qigong
Quan ( Fist Forms )
1.Tai Ji 13 forms
2.Tai Ji 28 forms
4.Tai Ji 108 forms
5.Tai Yi Five element Fist
6.Tai He Fist
7.Ba Ji Fist
8.Xuan Gong Fist
9.Xuan Zhen Fist
10.Fu Hu Fist
11.Long Hua Fist
12.Xuan Wu Fist
13.Xing Yi Fist
14.Twelve Forms
15.Ba Gua Zhang
1.Taiji sword
2.Taiyi xuanmen sword
3.Baxian sword
4.Longhua sword
5.Baxian cudgel
6.Ziwu spear
7.Xuangong Dao (broadsword)
8.Chunqiu Dao
9.Fangbian chan
10.Fuchen (Taoist horse tail whip)
11.Taiyi fuchen
Health-keeping Qigong
1.Crane-shaped Standing
2.Taiji Hunyuan Standing
3.Standing Baduan Jin
4.Wudang Tongzi Gong
5.Taiji Stepping
6.Xiaoyao Stepping
Traditional Gong
1.Tie Sha Gong (practise with herbal medicine)
2.Tie Bi Gong (practise with herbal medicine)
3.Finger Gong
Training Time Schedule


4:50 am ???5:35 am                                       Running and Exercises (optional)
6:40 am                                                           Breakfast
8:00 am ???10:00 am                                     Kung Fu Training
11:30  am                                                        Lunch
13:00 pm -14:30 pm                                    Noon Break
15:30 ???17:30                                                 Kung Fu Training
18:00                                                                Dinner
19:30 ???21:00                                                 Kung Fu Training (free practice)
22:30                                                                Bed Time

5:30 am ???6:15 am                                  Running and Exercises (optional)
7:30  am                                                     Breakfast
9:00 am ???11:00  am                               Kung Fu Training
11:30  am                                                  Lunch
12:00 ???14:30                                            Noon Break
15:00 ???17:00                                            Kung Fu Training
17:30                                                            Dinner
19:30 ???21:00                                              Kung Fu Training (free practice)
21:30                                                             Bed Time

School Photo Album

Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy
Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy
Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy
Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy
Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy
Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy
Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy
Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy
Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy
Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy
Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy
Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy
Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy
Wudang Daoist Kungfu Academy