Karen: Our Stay in Wudang

Our main focu during our stay in Wudang was to learn one Taiji sword form/ stick form and Taiji hand form. We had heard and read about Master Chen Shiyu years ago, so when we hadthe opportunity to have Master Chen as a Kungfu and Taiji teacher we were more than happy. The biginning of our stay with Master Chen on Wudang Mountain was wet and cold, but we never missed a day’s training. Master Chen taught us one to one, he was patient and extremly percise. He explained application techniques and made sure we understood and memorized each of the forms we were taught. When he says he can teach you a form in one month he means it. We found Master Chen to be a very dedicated teacher for both his Chinese and foreign students. Dedicated, strict and kind. If you want to put the effort into your own training he will help you all the way.

We were told that they call him “the smiling man??? We were interested in that comment. It is true. He smiles a lot, with his eyes and heart. A good man and a teacher that truly tries. It has been a very rewarding and good experience, this time in Wudang. To meet a Master that doesn’t claimto be the best, but a Master that definatly is one of the best in Wudang Traditional Martial Arts, and one that communicates his teachings very well.

The stay on the mountain in Master Chen Shiyu’s school was a very rustic experience. Many times we longed for our car back home, a clothes washing mashine, a soft bed and warm house. We have not regretetd our stay on the mountain for one minute, for it gave us many adventures and memories that will last a lifetime. Memories of a tradition in living both in Kungfu and rural China that may not be with us for much longer.

We will remember chickens and roosters crowing, the old man in the small hut who took his goats up the trails to eat every day, who graciously moved our laundry out of the rain, of the old lady who worked so hard at every chore imaginable justso that her and her husband could survive a fair life, of the ladies who washed their laundry in the pond and who always had a kind smile, of the duck who thought he was a chicken and never went in the water, of training in the temple when it was raining. Those and many more memories and one stick form, bagua, two Taiji forms and one sword form in addition to being taught by a traditional Wudang Martial Arts Master.

We could not have wished for more.

Karen Adam, Don Homeniuk

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